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My two year old son hit his front tooth and it has turned slightly grey, the gums look fine. is there a health risk involved?

Discoloration of your child's tooth indicates that the blood supply to that tooth has been damaged or destroyed. When this occurs, the tooth may become infected or fall out. I strongly recommend that you see a pedodontist, OR a family dentist who treats children, to assess your childs needs. Often, we can clean and disinfect the inside of a baby tooth and allow it to last its normal life cycle. When baby teeth fall out too early, it is sometimes necessary for us to place a 'spacer' in that region to keep the rest of the teeth in alignment. This is important because the position of the baby teeth directly influences the position of your child's permanent teeth in the years to come! I hope this answers your questions and alleviated some of your concern. Feel free to contact us again if you have any more questions.


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