Chipped Teeth

Seattle Dentist Ethan Janson DDS provides the below examples of today's cosmetic filling materials.

These dental photos show the quality of today's filling materials, provided by downtown Seattle dentist Ethan Janson DDS.

Thank you for waiting for the tooth images to download.  I have provided large photos many times life size so that you can truly scrutinize the fine detail of anterior cosmetic fillings. 

chip gif.gif (7730 bytes)If you have chipped a tooth, it is an extremely good idea to visit your dentist promptly, even if you are in no discomfort.  Teeth may fracture for a variety of reasons, including cavities, congenitally weak enamel, brittle teeth due to root canal treatment or non-vital pulp, and trauma.  Fracture lines within a chipped tooth may continue to increase as well, creating greater risk of further chipping or discomfort.   Treatments for fractured teeth range from placing new fillings to crowns, or veneers.   Extensively fractured teeth may require root canal treatment or, rarely extraction.   If a tooth has fractured off at the gum line, it may still be savable!  Please visit our cosmetic page to see just such a case! 
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This case was completed in under 1 hour with no need for anesthetic.

web-fracture-2.jpg (19007 bytes)  web-fracture-1.jpg (27767 bytes)


Now that the chipped tooth is filled, this patient of Dr. Janson's would like her other 10 year old and discolored filling replaced.

 web-chip1.jpg (12825 bytes) web-chip2.jpg (15705 bytes)


This treatment below is known as a Direct Veneer, essentially a filling, or facing, which we apply in the office.  Notice how we were able to match its color to the adjacent tooth.

web-direct1.jpg (15504 bytes) web-direct2.jpg (19970 bytes)



Please visit our Cosmetic Dentistry web page for more before and after photos of actual treatments... 

I look forward to addressing your immediate and future dental needs and answering any questions you might have.


Ethan Janson DDS


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