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Post Operative Dental Treatment for Your Extracted Tooth

Here are some things to expect and things to do following a tooth extraction.   Our office is well equipped to handle all types of extractions in a very clean and sterile environment (our new sterilizer is less than 1 year old).  If you are concerned about any sequelae of an extraction, please do not hesitate to contact your dentist.  As a dentist in Seattle, I am providing this information for our office's patients of record.  Your dentist may provide different or additional suggestions...
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If you have...

Swelling This is normal following surgical procedures in the mouth.  After 2-3 days, the swelling should begin to recede.  If swelling persists or interferes with your ability to eat or talk or swallow, do not hesitate to call our office.
Discomfort Though you may feel no discomfort at all, please see below for things to do just in case!
Hemorrhage Bleeding or 'oozing' may occur during the first 24 hours, but will usually abate before you even leave our office!  Please be sure to inform us prior to your appointment if you have bleeding problems or are taking blood thinning medications such as Warfarin or Aspirin.


What to Do

Swelling Swelling may be reduced with the use of ice or cold packs to the side of the face.  Our dental office recommends a regimen of 15 minutes on and 10 minutes off during the day of surgery.  Also, keep the head elevated and minimize excessive motion during the first 8-12 hours after surgery.
Discomfort As stands to reason, liquid and soft foods are recommended for the first couple days (ie- milkshakes, yogurt, soups, mashed potatoes, bananas...)  Also, please take all medications as directed, since they are prescribed to not only control discomfort, but to reduce swelling and infection.  It is a very good idea to begin taking medications prior to the numbness wearing off to allow you a smooth transition and comfort.

Mouth Rinse- After 24 hours, you may rinse your mouth with warm salt water (1/4 teaspoon/8oz.)  This helps soothe the gums AND clean the tissues, especially right after eating. 

Hemorrhage Bite on gauze/sponges provided by your dentist for 1-4 hours.  I recommend dampening the gauze prior to placing it in your mouth, thereby making it easier to remove later.


What NOT to Do



I look forward to working with you in the future! Ethan Janson DDS


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