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Bleaching Your Teeth

from the Seattle dentist office of Ethan Janson DDS

Our Seattle dentist office offers a variety of bleaching procedures for your particular needs, including both 'in-office' and 'at home' bleaching systems. For a limited time, our office is offering a home kit internet bleaching special for $299 for both upper and lower teeth (a $600+ value).  As a dentist, I am providing this offer as an incentive for new dental patients who care about their appearance to join our happy family of patients.  Feel free to schedule an initial dental exam so that we can inform you of what bleaching opportunities will work for you  ...or bookmark this page and return after you finish researching your latest quest for a beautiful smile! 



Here are a few things you should know when considering Teeth Bleaching...

  • The bleaching procedure is non-invasive and may take only 7-10 days to complete
  • You may choose to bleach your teeth while you sleep or during the day (as little as 20-40 minutes per day).
  • Today's bleaching gels are more effective than ever before
  • Teeth accumulate years of yellowing food stains (chromagens) from foods like coffee, tea, soft drinks, and red wine which become absorbed into enamel and can now be removed!
  • The bleach penetrates the enamel and oxidizes these chromagens to remove them
  • Temporary tooth sensitivity has sharply reduced with these newer gels
  • Overnight treatments are now possible due to extended oxygen release in these newer gels (this means your teeth can bleach overnight as you sleep!)
  • We use a variety of bleaching concentrations depending on your specific staining criteria
  • Yellow stained teeth tend to bleach the most effectively
  • Fillings and crowns will not bleach
  • For patients who can not use take-home trays, we offer in-office bleaching appointments with higher strength bleaches
  • Individually darkened teeth (ie-due to trauma/root canal treatment) can bleach very effectively by placing bleaching material inside the tooth itself
  • If your natural teeth are darker than your anterior crowns, you may want to consider bleaching to help brighten your entire smile!
  • Your teeth will stay whiter for years! 


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The following instructions are intended for use by Dr. Janson's patients of record only.  Please consult your own dentist if you have questions regarding take-home bleaching systems.  This is only one of our treatment methods.  You may also choose our alternative method of bleaching 20-60 minutes per day.

PLEASE NOTE: From time to time, our office changes brands of bleaching gel and the directions you receive with your bleaching kit may vary slightly from the ones below. 

Opalescence Tooth Whitening Gel -  Dentist Supervised Patient Instruction

Your dentist has chosen Opalescence Tooth Whitening Gel, a dental bleaching system to achieve the whitening results you desire.  Please review the following instructions, paying close attention to any additional instructions your dentist may have included.

Thoroughly brush your teeth using whitening toothpaste.  After removing the cap from the Opalescence syringe tip, express the contents evenly into the deepest portion of the tray and toward the facial side of the tray.  Allow the gel to partially cover the tongue and cheek side of the molar teeth.  One-half to three-fourths of the syringe will be necessary. 

Seat the tray completely and firmly over your teeth.  Using a soft toothbrush, tissue, or clean finger, gently remove excess gel that may flow beyond the tray's edge.   Gently rinse your mouth twice, using care not to swallow.

The soft, custom-fitted tray is usually worn while sleeping.  However, you may also go about your normal daily routines while wearing the tray.

After the prescribed time, remove the tray.  Brush and rinse the residual gel from your teeth and then the tray.  The tray should be removed before eating and/or drinking liquids.  DO NOT smoke while bleaching.



1.  Teeth are naturally darker along the gumline.  These areas may require more time to lighten than the rest of the tooth surface and usually remain slightly darker.

2.  A small percentage of patients experience sensitivity with bleaching.   There are special gels to combat this such as Opalescence PF.  If sensitivity occurs and persists, contact your dentist.  It may be recommended that you bleach every second or third night, use Opalescence during the day for 1-3 hours, or use a fluoride or potassium nitrate treatment in your custom tray.

3. Foods and juices high in citric acid can cause sensitivity to teeth.

4. Some patients have noticed temporary discomfort of the gums, lips, throat, or tongue.  Should any of these symptoms persist more than two days or progressively worsen, call your dentist.  These side effects usually subside within 1-3 days after treatment is discontinued.

5. Coffee, tobacco, and other products can restain your teeth over time.  Should this occur, the teeth can be re-whitened within a few nights by using Opalescence gel.

6. Regular dental checkups and cleanings are important before and after bleaching to maintain a healthy smile.

7. Keep out of reach of children.

8. If you have any questions pertaining to this treatment, please ask your dentist.

9. Some old amalgam or 'silver' fillings may leave a dark purple color in your bleaching tray.  This is normal.

10. Discard any unused bleaching gel after treatment is completed.


1. As a safety precaution, do not use Opalescence while pregnant or lactating.

2. For best results, do not eat while wearing your custom trays.

3. Do not use tobacco products while wearing your custom trays.

4. Do not use household products to whiten your teeth.

5. To protect the bleaching gel, do not expose the syringes to heat or sunlight.

6. Do not freeze the Opalescence syringes.  Refrigeration is sufficient.

These instructions have been provided by Opalescence and are intended for use only by Dr. Janson's patients who are receiving take-home bleaching treatment.  Please call our office or e-mail Dr. Janson if you have any questions or treatment needs.


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