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Did you know that without flossing, 40% of the surfaces of your teeth are NEVER clean?

Why Floss?

Without flossing, plaque and calculus build up on teeth and underneath the gums, creating inflammation of the gums which leads to gingivitis and more serious forms of gum disease.  Perhaps you notice that when you floss and/or brush that your gums tend to bleed.  If so, this is generally a sign that your teeth are not clean.  A visit to your dentist and a proper home oral hygiene regimen can get you back on the right track!
     If the risk of gingivitis and periodontal disease is not enough, flossing will also help reduce bad breath!  If you do not floss regularly, you might notice that when you do floss, a faint (or strong) odor is apparent.  These odors are caused by the buildup of  bacterial debris (sulfur compounds) between the teeth and underneath your gums.  These compounds can contribute to bad breath, whether or not you recognize it.


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Flossing Technique

What if I can't seem to floss?

There are several flossing devices available today which, when used properly, can help.  If you are interested in these products, please ask our office during your appointment so that we can show you how to use them without damaging your gums.  Difficulties in flossing also arise from problems such as rough or worn fillings or heavy calculus buildup.  We can also show you special techniques for flossing underneath bridges. sd floss aid.jpg (18721 bytes)


See our 'HOW TO BRUSH' page as well!

For images of teeth which have not been cleaned properly, or for more info on Dr. Janson's office cleanings, please visit our Ultrasonic Cleaning page



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