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My 5yr. old. has his top four front teeth decaying. There is big spaces between each teeth. What can be done about that. Will a dentist want to extract or just fix the cavities? Will wait for answer before taking him in to see a dentist

Thank you for your question regarding your child. Though I can not give you a definitive answer without an exam, I highly recommend seeing a dentist as soon as possible. If at all possible, the dentist will want to save your child's teeth by restoring them. Because your child's permanent teeth align themselves based on the positions of these baby teeth, it is generally a good idea to keep them intact. Also, the gaps between a child's baby teeth are quite common, allowing adequate space for the larger adult teeth when they erupt. Good luck with your child's dental care. Please feel free to ask us any further questions and to let us know how your child's treatment turns out!


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