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I just got new dentures about a month a go . And i am having a problem keeping them tight in my mouth. I would like to know if sea bond has a heavy duty top and bottem adhesive pad.

Though I am not sure if Sea-Bond has a more adhesive product, I do have a couple of recommendations... New dentures often require a multiple number of dental visits to adjust them appropriately. Initially, as your gums adjust, your tissues may change shape a bit, affecting the fit of your denture. If the denture feels a bit loose, this can often be corrected by RELINING the denture. This is a process in which we actually add denture acrylic to your existing denture to more appropriately fit the shape of your mouth. If your bite feels uneven, this may also affect the retention or fit. Please consult your dentist or the person who made your dentures for you to learn more. Good luck adjusting to your new smile!


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