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I have a full upper denture which i now have had for 3 weeks. i must use adhesive in order to eat and it is rather difficult to get my dentures out at night because of the adhesive. is there any thing i can do to be able to get my denture out more comfortably

The early weeks of denture wearing can be quite a challenge sometimes as you adjust to them. In addition to trying other brands or amounts of adhesive, you may try various finger positions and ways to dislodge your denture (ie- try pulling on only the left or right side of the denture to remove it). Another often useful trick is to place a finger inside each of your cheeks and pull out and laterally (so that you look like a chipmunk!). This stretches your cheek muscles and may break the seal of your denture. In no time, I suspect you will be able to place and remove your denture without even thinking about it!


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