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In the past ten years I have had a total of 4 crowns installed. Only the most recent one several weeks ago has caused me some discomfort ie sensitivity to hot and cold which I dont mind too much but more importantly pain associated with chewing (ie food being compressed on the tooth in question). I have had no root canal in any of the four cases. I had crowns installed in all cases due to large fillings finally cracking after many years. What do you suppose is causing the discomfort. I will probably go back to my dentist if pain persists. I dont have any pain when Im not eating etc so I dont think I have an infection--nothing seams swollen ie gums---? Thank you

There are a number of possibilities for your pain, some of which include a hairline fracture in your tooth, repeated excessive biting pressure on the tooth in question, and inflamed pulp (or nerve) of the tooth. Many times the sensitivity will diminish over the course of a couple weeks to months. If not, you may need to have a root canal or other treatment to correct it. Please ask your dentist about your options.


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