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My teeth are spreading apart because I had three teeth removed, top and bottom. I don't want braces. I am in an environment where I meet and greet people for a living. I only smile without showing my teeth I can't keep this up. I have a crossbite. I have read about different techniques but I am not sure what to do. I have went to a dentist he suggested braces. I do not want braces. What is cosmetic contouring? Bonding? Veneers? Corrective Jaw Surgery? Basically my teeth have a few spaces, size variations(V-shape/square etc.)and a crossbite. What do I do? I have already consulted with a dentist in my home town.

Since you have more than one dental condition which needs addressing, it is a bit difficult to recommend the proper treatment for you. However, crowns or veneers are considered a 'Bonding' treatment in which porcelain is bonded or glued to your existing teeth. 'Cosmetic contouring' includes procedures in which your existing teeth and gums are reshaped. 'Corrective jaw surgery' is a method used to reposition the teeth in your jaw by moving the jaw itself. In your situation, this may be an option used to correct your crossbite. Such surgery is completed in conjunction with braces used to reposition your teeth as well. On another note, it is also important to understand the underlying reasons for not wanting to wear braces. Usually, patients simply don't want to have silver wires showing when they smile. If this is the case, many orthodontists are now placing braces on the back side of teeth where they do not show! Removable braces may also be an option in which you do not have to wear them all of the time. If these options interest you, you might want to try finding an orthodontist who provides such services.


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