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In the last year, I have started to loose the enamel on my top front four teeth. I can't seem to figure out what I am doing wrong. I brush with a soft toothbrush and use Sensitive toothpaste. In the past, I used a bleaching tray on my teeth because I was a smoker. I haven't used it in years. Also, in the past, I used the toothpaste, Ultrabright. I haven't used it in seven months now. I am real curious to know what is wrong with these four teeth. I hope that there is nothing wrong with the tissue that is behind these teeth. Would mouth cancer cause this kind of problem?

As you know, it is impossible to diagnose your exact situation without examining you, but it sounds like the situation you are experiencing is due to brittle enamel. This is often a condition which results from genetics or poor nutrition. There may also be underlying cavities which are causing enamel to break off. Heavy bruxing, or grinding, of your teeth may increase the problem as well. In addition, a history of dry mouth may also weaken the enamel. I highly recommend, Chris, that you visit a dentist if you have not done so already. Preventive treatments such as in-office or at-home fluoride treatments may help strengthen your enamel prior to attempting any more extensive treatments such as resin fillings, veneers, or crowns.


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