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My four year old has 4 teeth on top that are loose (the front 4) and one that came out on the bottom and another lose on the bottom. I took her to the dentist he said that she must have fallen and that the loose ones should tighten back. Well - they have not and now she has an abscess. He put her on antibiotics and said that he would not pull it because it will fall it anyway. I asked him after they fell out would that effect her speech while we are waiting for her permanent teeth to come in and he said no. My question is I can't see how it won't effect her speech since we will have to wait for about 2 to 3 years before her permanent teeth come in. I just want to know if he is correct and also I am pretty sure that she did not fall or I would have noticed. Is there any other medical condition that would cause her teeth to come out like this????????

There certainly are conditions (ie- lack of nutrition, depressed immune system, etc...) which can cause a child to lose her teeth early, the most common reasons are due to trauma, cavities, or erupting permanent teeth. There are also anatomical variations between children, and if your child has shorter than usual roots, she may lose her teeth earlier. Since one of your daughter's teeth has abscessed, however, your daughter's early tooth loss is quite possibly due to the cause for her infection, whatever that may be. Though I can not tell without an exam, it is likely that your daughter's speech development will not be impeded with the loss of her tooth. Also, dentists often treat an abscessed tooth without extracting it. By doing so, the tooth remains as a natural spacer and guide for your child's adult teeth. As you know, Susan, you may always seek a 2nd opinion if you are not satisfied. As a dentist, I know that my patients have every right to do so, especially when considering the long term effects of one's health. There are many dentists (PEDODONTISTS) who specialize in children's dentistry. As a dentist, I know how confusing and vague some dental treatments may seem. I certainly urge you to speak with your daughter's dentist at greater length so you might understand why he/she has chosen such treatment. Good luck!


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