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Dear Doctor: Your web page is quite friendly. The pictures illustrate very well what would be difficult to simply explain with words. I have broken two of my front teeth. One was chipped down to two thirds its length, and the other one was chipped to one quarter of its length. Is bonding a viable solution or will a crown be necessary. Which solution is the best to repair these teeth? Bonding, crown or veneer. At what point is bonding not a solution and a crown is necessary

Though the tooth with 2/3 remaining may still have bonding or veneer as an option, I would recommend having the shorter tooth crowned. With such cases, both teeth are likely candidates for crowns. Unfortunately, if the pulp or nerves of the teeth have been exposed from the trauma, you may also be in need of root canal treatments to remove any potential source of infection. In such situations, crowns would then be necessary to give the teeth enough strength and protection from further breakdown. When the crowns of teeth break off to such a degree as yours, it may also be necessary to place posts in your teeth to give your crowns enough support. Though I can not give you a complete prognosis or treatment plan without examining you, I hope this helps.


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