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My 10 year old went to the dentist and she has still got her baby eye teeth ,next to the front top teeth. They have done a small x ray and would like her to go to hospital for a big xray as they said that her tooth that has not come thought is in a very strange place and should not be there and will tell me more when she has the x ray done. so if you could tell me a little bit about the teeth that growns in the ruth of the mouth? She has suffer from headaches for the past few years would this be to do with a tooth that may be growing in the roof of her mouth?

It is actually not all that uncommon for people to have upper front teeth grow in the improper direction and never even erupt or become visible. When this happens, damage and improper alignment can occur to other teeth. Your daughter is at a very good age to have such a problem corrected, since it will be much easier for her to achieve a nice smile without an impacted tooth. I do highly recommend that your daughter have a larger x-ray taken to see where all of her teeth may be. Once your dentist sees this, he/she can begin the proper treatment, if any is needed.


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