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I am inquiring about the cost of onlays and inlays. I recently went to Dental USA and was informed that I needed 2 OBL onlays, 1 OB onlay, adn one MOB Onlay. My insurance will start up next month, and I would like to find someone who can help me get my mouth in line. All I could afford is one tooth at a time as my ins. will only cover 50%. Could I have an estimate for the cost of the above procedures. The OBL onlay would be on teeth, #14-15. The MOB onlay on tooth 19, and an OB inlay on tooth 18. Any price info would be appreciated.

Thank you for inquiring about the cost of your treatment and considering us for your future dental care. As a dentist, I provide several different types of inlays and onlays, ranging from gold to complete porcelain (tooth colored). Since finances are a concern, you may also wish to consider more conventional tooth colored resin or silver fillings in some of your teeth until a later date. I can not give you exact costs, but the inlays and onlays of the sizes you refer to range from $750 to $848 each. The same fillings would range from $175-250 each. Also, once you obtain your insurance, we would be happy to send in a pre-authorization treatment plan for you so that you could find out how much they will pay for your treatments BEFORE you have the done. I will be happy to answer any more questions you might have.


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