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I was just wondering what the purpose of a tongue depresser would be for a child that is 10 yrs. old? The dentist she formerly had gave her one and she refuses to wear it. On the day of her visit she was supposed to receive a spacer but instead she received a tongue depresser. Can you tell me why? Also...are there any cheaper ways to buy my child braces???? My insurance will pay half of the cost but most orthodontists want such a high payment down..are there any programs available for lower income families?

Since your child is in need of braces, it sounds like she has been given a 'tongue depressor' to improve the positioning of her erupting adult teeth. Dentists may provide this treatment for children who are forceful tongue thrusters. Tongue thrusting is known to create pressures on the teeth which force them out of alignment! In terms of lower cost braces, you may wish to see if there are any dental educational facilities in your area. Often, the cost of braces at dental schools can be half the cost of treatments elsewhere!


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