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After becoming pregnant, I noticed my front top teeth rotting away! was scared to go to dentist and now have 5 kids and it has gotten worse. I cant smile, i cant even look at people and talk because its very noticable. my top teeth rotted from the gumline and its all rotten half way down my teeth. i need help on what to do also im on blood pressure medicine can i see a dentist while taking medication

It sounds like you are experiencing the results of 'Pregnancy Gingivitis'. This condition arises in many expectant mothers and consists of inflamed and puffy gums during pregnancy. This inflammation can be controlled with dedicated cleaning of the teeth. During these bouts of gingivitis, it is quite common for cavities to form in the pockets underneath the gums. As the gingivitis later improves, the gums then recede to a more normal level, exposing the cavities! I strongly recommend visiting a dentist as soon as possible to have your cavities treated. Yes, you may certainly see the dentist while on high blood pressure medication, as long as you inform him/her of your condition. I wish you well with restoring your smile!


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