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Hello I stumbled across your website, and enjoyed my stay which prompted me to write . I do have a serious problem I have been treated lately for neck problems, which in turn has caused my neck muscle to tighten, which now has also moved to my throat muscle and jaw area. I do have a cavity in my back wisdon tooth that has been aching, My question is, could my tooth be causing me these with my jaw wanting to tighten so tight and my tongue feel like it is swelling, if my tooth could be absessed? My neourologist just seems to think it might be nerves but I can't go by just thinking. this is very scary to deal with, my jaws feel so tight and tongue feels like it's swelling in the back...

It is certainly possible that an abscess could be contributing to your conditions. Since you have a toothache anyway, I highly recommend that you visit a dentist to examine your teeth and gums from a dental perspective. Other treatments may also be available to aid your clenching habits (ie- a bite guard). Good luck with your treatment!


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