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I really want to get my tongue pierced. But I was told by a friend that the metal in the barbell (which is surgical steel) can react with the saliva in the mouth and change the pH balance causing it to coraod your teeth. I just wanted to know if you've heard anything like this happening. I know you probably wouldn't recommend I go through with it but I got it done earlier this year but my mum made me take it out, so now I want it done even more. Anyway it would be really good if you could answer my question.

The situation you are referring to is known as a galvanic reaction in which the ions from some different types of metals react with each other. Your teeth would not corrode from this, though metal fillings might develop more of an oxidized surface, darkening them. Though this might occur, it is very unusual and can be remedied by changing the type of metal in your tongue bar or fillings! The biggest problem I have witnessed with a tongue bar is the susceptibility of biting on it. This has led to fractured teeth in many people, so remember to be careful! Feel free to let me know if you have any more questions.


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