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Regarding teeth bleaching what is the difference in those kits that I can buy off the internet and over the counter. Also the kits to eliminate bad breath.

We can certainly set up an appointment for you to address your needs. Often, bad breath or halitosis can be greatly reduced with a very thorough cleaning (ie- with our ultrasonic cleaner). In addition, I do offer rinses and other aids you can use at home which utilize 'chlorine dioxide' to reduce bad breath. Chlorine dioxide works by neutralizing sulfur compounds which are often the cause of halitosis. As for bleaching, I am unaware of the over-the-counter bleaching kit you are referring to. There are many products on the market which are 'whitening' agents. These over-the-counter treatments are actually stain removers and not true bleachants, however. The active ingredient we use for our bleaching procedure is carbamide peroxide, in varying concentrations. Bleachings at the dental office will result in longer lasting and whiter teeth than any other treatments you might consider. I will be happy to answer any further questions you might have, Randy. Feel free to call our office as well. If I am not with a patient, I will be happy to speak with you! I look forward to meeting you.


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