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Seven years ago I had root canal treatment and a crown put on an upper molar. I began feeling pain in the area several months ago and was put on antibiotics. The problem persisted so I consulted another dentist and x-rays show the sight has again become infected. I am again on antibiotics and have been scheduled for a consultation with a specialist.  Friends and relatives are telling me they have been fine for many years with extracted teeth. Why can't they just extract the tooth if it's going to keep causing me this much trouble? Thanks for your advice.

I am sorry to hear, Bob, that problems have resurfaced in your maxillary molar. As you probably know, you always have the option of having your tooth pulled, should you choose to do so.  Your dentist may recommend re-doing the root canal for several reasons, since having a tooth extracted can lead to new problems or expenses. Many times, when we extract a tooth, your other teeth can shift into that space, creating problems with your bite. Of course, a bridge or partial denture can help prevent this, but probably does not save you any money over the cost of a root canal. Good luck!


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