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"Hi! I have had all my teeth pulled out and I am trying to get impressions for dentures but I have a severe gagging problem and my dentist has not been able to get impressions. Do you know of a method that would keep me from gagging and help me to get through the impression process? Thank you!!"

There are several methods for limiting gag reflexes, including one of my own favorites... putting salt on your tongue! Perhaps the most effective way, however, is to have your dentist use a topical anesthetic spray on the roof of your mouth and palate. This is just like the topical anesthetic your dentist puts on your gums prior to numbing you up. Dental anxiety may also increase the likelihood of gagging, so anything you can do to reduce such anxiety is a good thing. For example, try scheduling early in the morning when you are likely more relaxed. I hope some of this information proves useful.


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