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Six months ago I had the top and bottom wisdom teeth removed from the left side of my mouth. After all the swelling went down I was left with a lump in my cheek which eventually came to the surface of my face and looked like a huge blister. I have had an x-ray and a cat scan and the plastic surgeon determined that it was infection from the socket that tracked from there to my cheek. He had me on heavy antibiotics for a month and it is still not gone. The plastic surgeon says even if he operates and takes out the tissue I will have a scar.  Have you heard of this? Is it possible my dentist did something wrong? It seems so bizarre.

It is certainly quite possible that your swelling was due to an infection in the area of your extraction. On occassion, a pocket of air might also get trapped inside an extraction site and though I have not seen this happen, it too may gradually approach the tissue surface. Though you are seeing a plastic surgeon, I recommend that you visit an Oral Surgeon for a consultation. Oral surgeons extract wisdom teeth on a daily basis and are extremely familiar with the sequelae which may occur after treatment. Since this is such an unusual symptom, I doubt that your dentist has done anything wrong. By visiting an oral surgeon, however, you stand a better chance of learning exactly what it is that you have, and if it is an infection, treating it with the proper antibiotics! I wish you the best of luck.


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