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When Bonding to correct the separation between the two front teeth, are both of the teeth bonded or just one? If just one is bonded, will that tooth be wider than the other?   If after the procedure, the results may not be satisfactory, it this just something with which you have to live, or it this procedure reversible? I am considering bonding, but I must admit,  I am very nervous about it.  My two front teeth are perfectly adequate, but there is a small gap between them. Any assistance you can give to me will be greatly appreciated.

Fortunately, bonding of fillings to fill the space (or diastema) between your teeth is usually a reversible process. Commonly, both teeth will have resin facings bonded to them to maintain proper symmetry to your smile. After your fillings are placed, they can also always be adjusted to suit your esthetic needs. Of course, there are a number of options for altering the esthetic appearance of your front teeth and your dentist will be happy to discuss them with you. Bonded fillings, however, are quite a common procedure and may suit your needs perfectly.


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