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What are the white spots that come on your teeth? My daughter has had them know for a couple of months. Please reply thank you.

The 'white spots' which occur on some children's teeth are often areas we describe as 'decalcified enamel'. During the development of teeth, there are sometimes changes in the mineral content of the enamel which create alterations in color.  This may be due to changes in nutrition, genetics, or a host of other factors.  Typically, white spots such as these require no immediate treatment, though weaker enamel may result in later years. Sometimes, however, other conditions such as a condition known as 'fluorosis' may also create white areas on teeth.  Flourosis is caused by excessive intake of fluoride and often occurs in areas with a high content of fluoride in the drinking water.   Cavities may also appear as white spots, so I do recommend that your daughter see a dentist to rule out any necessary treatments.


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