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Do you know where I can obtain research literature regarding dentistry and the problems associated with connective tissue disorders such as Systemic Lupus (SLE)? I've searched the internet and can only locate the above two subjects separately-not in conjunction within one discipline.  I'm attempting to research the affects of dental procedures upon the connective tissue of  Lupus patients.

Thank you for inquiring about SLE. I recommend that you visit a local library, and if that doesn't help, visit a local medical school library and you should find out some information. Try looking up textbooks about Oral Pathology. SLE can and does manifest itself intraorally in the form of ulcerations, erythema (red lesions), and keratosis (thickened dermal layer, whitish in color). The vermilion border of the lip, the inner cheek, gums, and roof of the mouth are areas which are often affected. I hope this helps!


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