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Hi, I am 15. There are a couple places on my two front teeth that are spots that are not getting any whiter and are of a clear color. I think it's because no enamel never grew there, is there any way that I can whiten that because it is really noticeable. Also does that make it easier to chip in those places

Thank you for visiting our web site and for your question. The spots on your teeth may be one of several things, but are likely areas of hypocalcified enamel. It is possible that you may improve the appearance of these spots with bleaching, but a dentist will need to check them to see if that is an option. Areas of hypocalcified enamel are typically 'softer' than the rest of the teeth and can be more susceptible to getting cavities. It is also possible that the spots you refer to are actually cavities. I hope this helps and that you see a dentist in the near future for a checkup and to find out your options.


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