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I am looking to have some cosmetic dentistry done. As a teenager I wore braces but I felt powerless in the process. The things that bother me most about my  teeth (for instance, the two top front teeth come down much lower than the two beside them) have never been fixed. My question is this: If my teeth are straight but I dislike the variance in relative tooth sizes, would the fix be made through dental or orthodontal measures??

Assuming your teeth are already positioned properly, the shape of your teeth would likely be adjusted via recontouring and cosmetic veneers or crowns. This procedure may necessitate only adjusting 2 of the front 4 teeth, but often achieves optimal results by treating all 4 involved teeth. I would be quite happy to see you and discuss your options with you when you come to Seattle. Our office works with an excellent dental lab right here in the building which provides excellent cosmetic work. Often, my lab technician will come visit our office while our patient is here to get an ideal view of how to design properly shaped and colored anterior veneers or crowns. Also, if the relatived sizes/shape of your teeth is not too extensive, it may be possible to simply reshape them with a bit or recontouring, eliminating the need for either orthodontia or veneers. I hope this helps!


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