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Approximately a year ago, I had all of my upper teeth crowned with a one-piece bridge. I would like to know if there is anything I can use for the taste and odor I have. I floss faithfully and use a waterpik every morning, sometimes adding a few drops of mouthwash to the water, but I still have the taste and odor and am constantly spraying breath spray, chewing mints, or chewing gum. I am conscious of it every minute of every day. Is there anything I can do?

Thank you for visiting us and for your questions. Have you been threading the floss underneath the bridge (ie- using Superfloss and/or a floss threader)? Also, you may have deep pockets of gums around some of your remaining teeth which can trap debris and bacteria and cause halitosis, or bad breath. The best treatment for this is to have a periodontal cleaning performed by your dentist or a periodontists' office to get you back on track. In any event, I strongly recommend getting a checkup with your dentist and discussing it with him/her during the exam.


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