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I am looking for a new dentist. One that excels in cosmetic dentistry and feels that a filling isn't just a filling but a work of art. Also, one that has the attitude and compassion for those "special patients"i.e. the ones who wish they could still go to a Children's Dentist. Can you tell me if Dr. Janson falls into this type of thinking? Also, can you tell me why I should choose him as a dentist over anyone else? Is appointment scheduling difficult?

Thank you for your interest in joining our dental practice. I am quite certain that you will feel very comfortable and confident that you are receiving the highest quality care here. As a recent graduate from the #1 Dental School in the country (U. of Washington), I have been blessed enough to join my father Dr. R Duncan Janson in his private practice of over 30 years here in Downtown Seattle. These days, there are very few dental offices which still subscribe to the philosophy of seeing only one patient at a time as we do. By choosing us, I can assure you that you will receive the greatest attention and care from me as your dentist.  I am guessing that you have thoroughly toured our web site at to see the services which we provide. We work with one of the top dental labs in the country and have many very satisfied patients with extensive cosmetic dental work (bleaching, veneers, all porcelain crowns...). When cosmetic fillings are needed, we provide a variety of the latest tooth colored filling materials for your specific needs and can match just about any natural tooth color in existence! You will never feel pressured at our office and we always proceed only at our patients' comfort level.
     I hope that I do not overwhelm you with too much, Artana. I am truly excited about being a dentist and could write volumes to you about our work. Though you have not seen any of my dental work up close and in person, I can perhaps give you a glimpse of my artistic attention to detail be telling you that I designed our web site 100% independently. If a small, 'family style' practice is what you are looking for, then please give us a call, or even schedule by e-mail. We have very flexible hours and can generally assure a mutually agreeable appointment time for you within 7-14 days. You are always welcome to call me at the office or visit us in person.


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