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Recently I had swollen glands in my neck. After visiting the medical doctor and many x-rays she thought perhaps it was my teeth. I went to the dentist, he x-rayed and found an abscessed tooth. He gave me the alternative of a root canal or an extraction. He was puzzled as he said the tooth had absolutely no decay and I have no filling in the particular tooth. Is a root canal the only way of saving an abscessed tooth? Can't medication eliminate an abscess? Hope you can give me some information on this.

Since your tooth is the source of the infection, root canal treatment is necessary to remove the bacteria inside your tooth which is causing the infection. You may have found that certain treatments such as taking antibiotics have reduced the swelling or pain you are experiencing. Unfortunately, this only works temporarily until the source of the abscess can be removed. Also, though cavities are the most common reason for abscesses, other causes include things such as a fracture in your tooth or a history of trauma to the tooth. I hope this answers your questions and I wish you good luck with your treatment.


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